Poet’s Daily Log (9)

Poet’s Daily Log (9)

Written by Ucheol Hyeon

Did I sit in a very stiffened posture
in front of computer for a long time
I feel stiff in the shoulders and
sometimes even unknown pain comes to me

All day long looking into the monitor
I type on a keyboard like roasting beans and
I click the mouse until having a pain in my wrist
Computer seems to make me busier

Maybe I overwork and the next morning
As if I am badly beaten up by somebody
my hands, arms and shoulders hurt but
Soon my body forgets pain and begins today

Sometimes looking out of the window
I want to look at the forest and tree full of bluish green
I want to hear the happy song of pretty birds
that are always circling around me

(2005. 2. 6)

Copyright ⓒ Ucheol Hyeon All rights reserved